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Saturday, August 21, 2010

China Open timo boll

China OpenButterfly Timo Boll T5000-FL Blade

Meanwhile, I arrived in Suzhou. The China Open is heavily occupied, but Ma Long had to cancel injured. The boys are very rare but otherwise violated, enviable. Well, for me it is one here for me to improve still playful. In Korea, it was not really round, but I admit there's about time. Many describe me as a great talent, but I also need training and competition to reach my top form. I hope I get this even here in China a little closer!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Table tennis translated

Tischtennis tennis tabella bordtennis Borðtennis tenis de mesa tênis de mesa
meza tennis tenis meja ping pong pingpong ping-pong بازی پینگ پنگ  كرة الطاولة սեղանի թենիս tafeltennis stolüstü tennis стони тенис настольный теннис настольны тэніс настільний теніс тенис на маса masa tenisi asztalitenisz пинг-понг tennis de taula tennis da tavolo namizni tenis tenis stołowy stoni tenis stolní tenis stolný tenis stalo tenisas Takkyū taggu 탁구 卓球 乒乓球 lauatennis leadóg thábla tenis sa mesa pöytätennis tennis de table galda teniss bàn đánh quần vợt โต๊ะปิงปอง Tóa pingpxng ٹیبل ٹینس მაგიდის ჩოგბურთი πινγκ-πονγκ tenis tab tennis bwrdd טיש טעניס टेबल टेनिस  

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Timo Boll in Seoul Korean open

The first preparatory stage is completed. Since I already fly to Seoul to the Korean Open and next week after Sozhou to the China Open, is down the preparation time is relatively short. Therefore, I will do it again a training block in December. I nevertheless hope that I am fit enough to equal rauszuknallen again a good result,Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit-FL Blade

Friday, August 6, 2010

world ranking august

The new world ranking table tennis, released Thursday, led by Jean-Michel Saive to win a seat. The Belgian number one occupied the 48th position in a ranking of the ITTF Still Dominated by the young Chinese Ma Long.His first dolphin Is Now Germany's Timo Boll (1) That the Chinese Wang Hao FUP 3rd (-1). No change has occurred Regarding Then Ma Lin (Chn / 4), Zhang Jike (Chn / 5), Wang Liqin (Chn / 6) and Vladimir Samsonov ( BLR / 7). 
In the Ranks Belgian Yannick Voster continuing to rise.Here HE IS 128th (12). Benjamin Rogiers est aussi shaping up with a 223rd place (15). Further, we find the young Cedric Nuytinck 376th (36), Lauric Jean 384th ( 46), and Emilien Vanrossomme 518th (97) Who all show progress. For the ladies, no change in the Top Three. China's Liu Shiwen Singaporean Feng Tianwei IS Ahead of Other Chinese and Guo Yan. Laurence Junker Is The first Belgian classified in the Four Hundred and first place (9). (ROJ)